Monday, August 30, 2004

My mind was read!

Posted at The Iraq War Was Wrong Blog - EXACTLY what I was thinking!

But one thing I wanted to say is, I find it VERY suspicious that the Repuggie convention should just happen to pop up NOW. Think about it - at a time when (oh so coincidence) Kerry poll numbers dip slightly, the swiftvet boat-liars have done they're thing, Michael Moore movie Farenheit 9.11 mostly completed big theater run (dont worry btw I have plans to see it in neighboring town soon), 9.11 Commission broken up, etc. How very convenent this convention's timing is.

I'm not necessarily saying it was all planed like this, it's is just an observation. But sometimes when there are so many dots in a row you sort of have two put two and two together.

When I can remember my DU password, I'm going to have to tell ALL my friends to listen to this blog! Not that there aren't a lot of really smart people there who have probably already figured this out, but this person sounds like they really have their stuff together. Keep your eye on this one, I sense a rising star in the blogsphere - they understand Bush's attack on the world perfectly.


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