Thursday, October 28, 2004

World's luckiest woman

It's got to be Suha Arafat.

Not only has she not seen Yassir since 2001, not only is he in precarious health, not only has he siphoned millions of dollars of Palestinian funds into what is poised to be her retirement account, but there's even a chance that he's not going to join her in Paris. She just can't stop winning.

Deborah Sontag delivers a unique mental image that's sure to delight me for hours -

Sitting in a bodyguard's lap, her daughter, Zahwa, bilingual in French and Arabic, chattered away until they rounded a corner under a giant billboard of Yasir Arafat. "Papa!" she said merrily, looking herself like the image of the Palestinian leader -- if he could be imagined as a 3-year-old girl with a blue hair ribbon.

Did I say hours? I'll be having giggle fits for days.


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