Friday, November 12, 2004

I surrender

Between a combination of time constraints and technical problems, I haven't posted in a week. I really wanted to get the Veteran's Day post up though, so I kept intermittently trying until Blogger gave back something besides a server error and finally got it up. Then, since I was taking a time out anyway, I decided to check the referrer log to see just how anemic traffic has been in the absence of any posting whatsoever. WHAM.

Remember when I mentioned getting an awful lot of Maureen Dowd search hits, and how weird it was that my little ol' blog would be ranked so high? I thought that particular fixation would diminish as the article aged, and those search hits would peter out. I even posted the picture to keep people from having to search for it more than once. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the referrers of nearly 1/3 of all logged traffic was along these lines:

maureen dowd rolling stone picture
maureen dowd picture rolling stone
rolling stone magazine maureen dowd
Dowd Rolling Stone
rolling stone magazine maureen dowd
maureen dowd rolling stone magazine picture

That's it; I give up. I'm not gonna fight it. In fact, I'm going to stop looking this gift horse in the mouth, and I'm going to own it. Therefore, I welcome all readers to the new "Maureen Dowd Picture Rolling Stone" edition of Loose Coins.

And while I'm on it - the question some of you are after is "Why did Kerry lose", not "Why did Kerry loose", and if you really don't know you're not going to get it from a search engine. Read more blogs. Additionally, many of you appear to have a fixation with Judy Jetson that's at least as disturbing as the one with MoDo. Really... I'm not sure that's healthy. Blogs probably won't help you.


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