Monday, August 16, 2004

Another lost opportunity

Once again, I'll bet Poland should have kept it's mouth shut.

Arguing for a more forceful and independent Polish foreign policy, Rokita said that it was a mistake for Poland to have joined the EU at the United Nations in condemning Israel's security fence. He said Poland should have abstained in the vote.

"The current Polish government is scared of too many disputes with the EU," he said, adding that the vote was more of an "adjustment towards EU policy" and did not accurately express Poland's actual position on the issue of the fence.

Other senior Polish government officials have said that the decision to vote against the fence was made out of a desire not to fight over a foreign policy issue that was not critical to Poland during already tense relations within the EU.

Suggesting that EU decisions at the U.N. might be anything but principled selections of what is right for the situation is probably... oh, what - ungrateful, I'll warrant.

In the interview, Rokita, 45, said that Poland's entry to the EU was perceived by the French as a danger to their "monopoly over Europe."

Franceholio: "Are you threatening me??"


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