Sunday, August 29, 2004

Stolen Honor previews

Three video clips are available for the upcoming documentary Stolen Honor, each featuring a former Vietnam POW. The first clip features eight minutes from Ralph Gaither. For the first few minutes, he discusses the war from a POW perspective, but eventually alludes to Kerry's position behind enemy lines:

We knew two years before the election that the war was going to last at least two more years. The Vietnamese, what we heard from interrogators, they were going to hold on to find out if we wouldn't elect an anti-war president. Somebody like Kerry today, to be on their side, to get us to walk out of the war. When Nixon was re-elected the whole atmosphere changed in North Vietnam. When the bombs started from the B-52's over Hanoi, it was a whole new attitude by the Vietnamese.

Overall, politically pretty mild - not the outright attack vehicle that I expected. Toward the end though, he does address Kerry directly:

Probably if you really sit down and look at it, he had a right to do with his medals whatever he wanted to. But if he's going to throw them over a wall in protest, then stand beside what you say you're going to do. And he's been backing up on it ever since. I think he should feel very lucky that I wasn't there. I would have beat the steam out of him. Maybe that's what he needs.

He doesn't mince words, and he's not a Kerry fan. Next, General Robinson Risner contributes a five minute explanation of the importance of integrity, and support for our fighting forces (just in case there are any Senators out there who still don't get it). Finally, James Warner gives us nine minutes describing first how his captors used the statements of John Kerry to brand him a war criminal ("they told us from the time they got their hands on us that we were criminals, we're not covered by the Geneva convention, so it's ok for them to do whatever they want to do to us"), and then delivering a stinging indictment of Kerry's character.

He was saying things that he knew to be false, and he knew would harm us. That means he abandoned his comrades. He burned up his "band of brothers" membership card when he did that. As I said earlier, to be charitable, at a minimum this shows abominably bad judgement. Although he did some of these things 30 years ago, he has kept the same record for 33 years. He has always opposed everything the US armed forces is called upon to do. He opposes giving them the equipment to do it. He opposes... when we fight someone, he opposes. This is relevant because he wants to be our Commander In Chief. If his judgement is bad, and consistently bad -- not shown by one or two actions as an irresponsible youth, but shown throughout his entire adult life, always showing bad judgement, always when the judgement is bad it is in favor of our enemies and against the United States -- that's why it's relevant. It's because it shows consistency in his attitudes.

Go check out the full clips - I just can't convey everything these guys have to say, but it's worth hearing. If it looks promising to you, note that sponsors of the "Stolen Honor Distribution Fund" are promised a copy of the final product.


Blogger actus said...

" I think he should feel very lucky that I wasn't there. I would have beat the steam out of him. Maybe that's what he needs."

How nice.

1:45 PM  
Blogger Doug said...

Whoops. I guess I forgot that only pro-Kerry vets are permitted to have negative opinions of other vets. I guess he forgot too. I wonder how he forgot that?

2:49 PM  

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