Friday, September 24, 2004

Calling Delta Fliers (and others)

Dean Esmay/Chief Wiggles via Armies of Liberation - if you could help out with securing U.S. visas for a medical emergency, or even some Delta Skymiles, please read on.

Hello folks, we still have a ways to go in saving this wonderful little girl from Iraq. We have been asked to call her "Tabby" from now on and so we will.

When we last brought you up to day, a wonderful group of doctors in South Carolina has volunteered to handle her care. Let me tell you, they have been a joy to work with and invaluable in keeping the process going.

Unfortunately, there are still some things to do.

First, getting visas for Tabby and those coming with her! This is a huge hurdle to cross. We have been in contact with Senator Hatch's office and they working on the situation. If ANY ONE out there has ideas or ways to help with getting visas, PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY.

Next, we will need to fly Tabby and those with her out commercially. Folks, flying from the middle east isn't a cheap proposition. The doctors helping us have used donated frequent flyer miles in the past to help bring patients to the US. We are hoping to do the same. If you have some frequent flyer miles you would be willing to donate, it would be of immense help.

Here are the instructions:

Go to
Got to Delta SkyWish
[direct link]
Fill out the form and under Comments write :
"For The Hemangioma Treatment Foundation, attention Ms Mcdaniel"

Ms. Mcdaniel will be sorting our the miles and ANY that come in with the above instructions will go to help bring Tabby and her family here.

We are looking at 5 people needing to come to the US, so we will need as many frequent flyer miles as possible.

I have personally cleaned out my frequent flyer mile account this AM and donated them all to help Tabby and her family. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Please spread the word!!!

UPDATE: At this current time, it seems to be Delta Skymiles only. I will check on this and get back to you.


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