Thursday, September 16, 2004

Karl Rove hard at work

Sudan denies possessing chemical weapons, and strenuously denies that the weapons they don't have came from Syria. After all, where would Syria ever get such weapons?

Sudan denies an allegation by Die Welt, a German newspaper, that "Syria tested chemical weapons on the Darfur public in the western part of Sudan, causing the deaths of tens of thousands of people."
The German newspaper said that their story was based on intelligence reports from European countries. The Sudanese believe that such information is part of a US campaign to undermine Syria's international influence.

So let me get this straight... the US seeded intelligence into various European countries (quite against their will, it would seem) in order to maneuver Die Welt into publishing this outright falsehood. Wow. Folks, I had no idea that this administration was that good; I can't possibly vote to discard them in November, they're a national treasure.

I can't finish without noting that this claim seems to be meeting considerable opposition from no less than the United States and Germany. I don't expect that to be the final word. Warm up your pipes, Mondhieb - "Die Welt lied! No one died!"


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