Thursday, September 16, 2004

Open letter to the mainstream media

I'm not a top tier blogger; I'm not a middle tier blogger; on my best days, I might be a lower tier blogger (I'll not confess to "bottom"). What I think I probably have in common with the top-notch folks that occupy those upper tiers though is that a letter like this one resonates deeply. This is it - if anyone was still at this point confused, this is the reason people blog.

We have watched you for years try to tell us how to think, what to think, who to vote for and what to believe based solely on your own agenda. In past years, you have come to think of yourselves as the fourth branch of government, the movers and shapers of opinion and the arbiters of truth.

In case you have not been watching, America is sick and tired of you. We are turning away from you in record numbers. Your audience and readership is declining faster than you can say the word 'bias', and instead of recognizing the trend, you have only become further entrenched and determined to force society to play by your rules.

Technology has allowed us to ignore you, and in many cases, replace you altogether. I grew up watching Walter Cronkite every night, not yet aware of his agenda, his bias and his overwhelming desire to turn the nation against its leaders unless they agreed with him. I saw him replaced by the most dishonest, agenda-driven anchorman this nation has ever produced. That Dan Rather is one of you should be enough to make you feel dirty.

You believe yourselves to be solely qualified to pontificate on the day-to-day events going on around the world as if journalism school gives you a special insight into the truth. When I was in college, people went to J-school only if they flunked out of business school and did not want to become teachers.

Well guess what?

The world is on to you.

Before the internet, no one had a forum to say to the media "Are you insane??" Before blogs, the average person could not call "bullshit". This is what the internet ushered in; this is what threatens the media; this is what will shortly challenge the socialist establishments of Europe. The mainstream media is only one of the world's establishments which relied on being the arbiters of truth; it isn't the only one threatened as this thing continues to roll forward. Ain't technology grand? Read the rest here.


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