Monday, August 16, 2004

Campaign contribution disclosure

Via The Truth Laid Bear, a curious bit of number-crunching from As The Truth Laid Bear points out, the disclosure rate for Kerry's contributions seems... well, a bit off. This little statistical anamoly is shared by... Wesley Clark?

I'm in danger of spending the day at

Campaign finance trivia -
Bush hasn't put in a dime of personal money.
Kerry has pitched in $6,387,965 of his own funds.

Individual contributions to the Bush campaign - $224,987,266
Individual contributions to the Kerry campaign - $171,178,534

The Bush campaign's most lucrative industry is Retired [$17,855,519]
The Kerry campaign's top industry is Lawyers/Law Firms [$13,462,288]
I guess George has more pinchable cheeks.

Bush's biggest contributing sector is Finance/Insurance/Real Estate [$28,661,952].
After "Other" [$17,802,083], Kerry gets the most from the Lawyers & Lobbyists sector [$13,982,938].

Bush's top money states are Texas, California, Florida, and New York.
Kerry's top money states are Massachusetts, California, Florida, and New York.

The total contributions of Dennis Kucinich's top 6 donors [$35,450] didn't top the 2003 per capita GDP [$37,800]. Lyndon LaRouche's top donor alone doubled it [$79,416]. Ouch.

Whatever PACs are represented as Goldman Sachs are either diverse, stunningly moderate, or hedging their bets - they've contributed substantially to George Bush's campaign [$352,875], but they've contributed nearly as much [$301,500] to Democratic campaigns (Kerry, Edwards).

What fascinates me even more though is that a company which posted $1.19 billion in net income for Q2 maintains this as a web site. I feel badly. Maybe we should take up a collection and at least buy them a second browser to check it in before calling it "done". Put away your credit cards, I've found a donor!


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