Friday, October 29, 2004

But what else is new

Media Fund, the latest pet of Harold Ickes, is a 527 attack vehicle which has run 17 negative ads against Bush since March according to, though their combined web sites offer quite a few more than that.

Media Fund Twists the Truth More Than Michael Moore (link to the ad)

This anti-Bush radio ad is among the worst distortions we've seen in what has become a very ugly campaign. It states as fact some of the most sensational falsehoods that Michael Moore merely insinuated in his anti-Bush movie Farenheit 9/11 .

The ad was released Oct. 25 by The Media Fund, an independent Democratic group run by former Clinton deputy chief of staff Harold Ickes. It falsely claims that members of the bin Laden family were allowed to fly out of the US "when most other air traffic was grounded," though in fact commercial air traffic had resumed a week earlier.

The ad also falsely claims that the bin Laden family members were not "detained," when in fact 22 of them were questioned by the FBI before being allowed to leave -- and their plane was searched as well.

And by the way, the man who gave approval for the flight wasn't Bush or even any of his close aides, it was former White House anti-terrorism chief Richard Clarke, now one of Bush's strongest critics.

This one is wrong, wrong, wrong. Let us count the ways:

Do go count the ways. I wonder if all of them are this accurate? And people can't figure out where vein-popping Bush haters come from...

But isn't this ad illegal for a 527 to run? I thought they couldn't explicitly endorse a candidate. Not that Clinton and illegal aren't peas in a pod.


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