Friday, October 08, 2004

Earth still shattering

From Eurosoc -

David T, one of Eursoc's favourite contributors to the marvellous Harry's Place, picks up on a story in the Observer which should have received more attention.

Just after the Beslan massacre, Moscow's claims that "Arab fighters" had been among the killers were rubbished by many in Europe. The fact that the leader of the terror faction that carried out the attacks said himself that Arabs were among the mass murdering "militants" didn't make the front pages.

Now it turns out that not only were two of the terrorists Arabs, they suffered the jackboot of Vladimir Putin's oppression in, er, London.

Having my head buried in domestic affairs of late, I wasn't aware of the scorn that the news had apparently been met with - not that I'm surprised, mind you. Go read the rest.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

andy says...

Doug, who is really hiding this information, and why? I remember reading, when the event first happened, that there were Arabs involved, but not much since.

Think the Russians are keeping a lid on all things involved with this as well?

7:56 PM  
Blogger Doug said...

The Russians have never been particularly fast and free with information, but they're the ones who released this info in the first place (and in several of the stories that I linked in the earlier post that I linked, if memory serves). My suspicion would be that this is another case of the media deciding what is and is not news - from the sounds of it, the European media decided that it is news, and it's bunk.

10:39 AM  

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