Saturday, October 23, 2004

Stolen Honor free

Via E-nough - the documentary Stolen Honor is now available for free download (12.3 MB; 42 min; Windows Media; magnet link*) or viewing. It's far from DVD-quality - I'd still encourage you to buy a copy - but it's more than good enough to get its message across.

Conservatives may get smug satisfaction out of it (ok, they will), but it's liberals that I'd most encourage to have a look. In particular, I'd call to account every liberal who formerly said that everyone - regardless of political orientation - should see Farenheit 9-11 (whether or not said liberal acknowledged that film's many problems). If you thought that it was important for conservatives to see that film in order to understand your view of matters, I'm now speaking directly to you. I watched it; it's time to practice what you preach.

It's important for you to see this film for more than just the upcoming election. In fact, this film isn't likely to have any affect on your vote at all, your mind is probably made up. Being an enemy propagandist is probably something you applaud Kerry for anyway, so if anything it'll lock your vote down - it's the rest of the message that I'd like you to hear and consider.

I'm not convinced that you learned the lessons that should have come out of our country's experience in Vietnam. I'm not entirely sure you understand that supporting our troops means more than saying "Of course I support our troops". Listen to these former POW's - they'll explain it. Make an effort to understand the dynamics of the situation they describe, and you'll understand why there are lines where free speech ends for anyone of decency; it should become clear why there are wrong places and wrong times for opposition. If you've found yourself wondering what conservatives are ranting about when they get on these topics, here's your chance to understand.

* Magnet link requires a Gnutella client, such as Bearshare or Limewire.


Blogger The American Warmonger said...

Probably a better movie to counter the "you just gotta see F9/11" croud woud be to have them watch Farenhype 9/11. They did a very good job at countering nearly every BS line in F9/11....and if you need a bit of spoof comedy to put it into perspective you could watch the IFLIM movie: Fellowship 9/11....then if you like it a bit more gory you could watch Celcius 41.11...and then theres..NNYYYEEAAAAAARRRGGG!! MAKE IT STOP!! MAKE THE BAD MAN STOP!!! TO..MUCH...LAMBASTING...OF...FAT...LOSER!! SENSORY OVERLOAD!!!

6:16 AM  
Blogger Doug said...

I'm not looking for a "gotcha payback" for those folks, or to refute F911 (but if I were, I'm certain you'd be right) - I honestly believe that they just don't understand this rather important and fundamental thing; the dynamic between what our soldiers do and what our citizens do. I think that an attentive and considered viewing of this film will make it understandable.

We know what a popular failure to understand this did to a generation of veterans, and I think we have a responsibility to never do that to another generation of veterans. That means making an effort to see that everyone does understand it, and that's more than worth calling in my "Moore marker" for. I really don't care if Moorites want to cling to F911 agitprop - I want them to have these men's perspective also.

10:39 PM  

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