Tuesday, October 19, 2004

What WMD?

Via Erik from No Pasaran! -

Weapons cache stuns Canucks

Canadian soldiers attached to the Afghan National Army (ANA) have stirred up a hornet's nest in Kabul by being too efficient.

They've "discovered" a huge Soviet ammunition dump a few kilometres from Camp Julien with the potential of obliterating the camp, as well as most of Kabul.

That may sound like hyperbole, but I was with the Canadians who discovered the cache -- soldiers (mostly Princess Pats and combat engineers) who are training and working with the ANA and consider themselves to have the best job in the army.

In the dusty foothills, 10 minutes drive from Camp Julien (population 2,000), 82 buried bunkers, each 20-metres long, housed thousands of Soviet FROG missiles (one step down from Scud missiles), and every variety of rocket and mortar shells.

Some of the FROG missiles were still in their original cases. Some heaped in the open. Some stacked to the roof in the unlocked, open bunkers. Much of the ordnance had warheads removed to collect the explosive for homemade bombs -- or for blasting at a nearby quarry.

This story has everything - the soviet-era bunkers that a multilateral coalition never bothered to inspect (or doesn't admit to inspecting); the hidden cache of weapons that a multilateral coalition never found (or never admitted to finding); even the puffy little French officer (with UN and German poodles in tow) who sashays in to insist that it belonged to France, nothing had happened, and who are the Canucks -- who should leave now -- to say that something had happened anyway? But enough from me - go read Erik's take on it.


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