Sunday, November 14, 2004

From Russia with love

Get over it

The simple fact is that John Kerry lost his bid to turn the United States of America into a socialist country.

It has only been a little over one week since President Bush successfully and soundly beat John Kerry in one of the hardest fought presidential elections in United States history. Even though President Bush beat Kerry by an amazing 52 to 47 percent and by more than 2 million votes, most liberal Democrats cannot accept the fact that Kerry lost. Instead, they are showing their true liberal colors by trying to prove the elections were somehow fixed to help President Bush.

I guess it just wouldn't be Pravda if the numbers were correct.


Blogger Jane said...

Jeez Louise, even the foreigners are starting to laugh at the moonbats now.

9:00 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Jane, what do you mean "moonbats"?

I'll have you know that the election was, in fact, fixed. Yup. You know all those new voting machines, made by Diebold? Yeah, well spell Diebold backwards. What do you come up with? RIGHT!!!! HALIBURTON! That's right, it was a deal made with Cheney and Diebold to automatically count every vote for Bush.

Also, those new Diebold machines...well, I happen to know that they were not really voting machines at all! Nope, they were OIL Detectors! YES, Cheney moved all those machines into the poor peoples neighborhoods looking for OIL to steal. Think any of them poor people will get any money from all that oil found under their houses? NOT A CENT.

So, Jane, please be a little more careful who you callin a "moonbat", cause I know this stuff for sure!

10:38 PM  
Blogger andy said...

In the Washington Post today, Anne Applebaum had a pretty good editorial "In ATM's, Not Votes, We Trust".

She says that most Americans do a lot of transactions on on computers, like giving CC info, banking transactions, etc. We can trust all that. But voting by computer?

Heck, they are using "secret software" inside voting machines (as an editoral in the NY Times reported) to steal votes. So, she asks: "Are you really sure that your bank isn't using secret software to steal $9.72 from your retirement account every week?"

Go to and get password for Washington Post to read. I liked it.

4:23 PM  
Blogger Doug said...

Once I stopped trying to find any article by Anne Applebaum at the Washington Times (whose search facility doesn't even seem to work), I did enjoy it. Anne's point on needing that paper record is a valid one. My chief argument against wholesale e-vote conversion is that if you need that paper to have confidence in it anyway, what's the point? There are still genuine problems with the machines themselves (they've had nowhere NEAR the amount of development investment as systems used by banks), and precincts are routinely skinning their knees on unforseen procedural problems. We're not ready to go that route just yet, they're fine where they are - in scattered experimental precincts.

As for the Kennedy assassination, I'd recommend Gerald Posner's Case Closed to Anne. In fact, if you're ever in the mood for serious read that you needn't take too seriously, I'd recommend it to you too.

12:09 AM  

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