Sunday, May 15, 2005

When was nudity ever the answer?

Via E-nough! (with a hat tip to Pave France) -

A man stripped in the French Senate, revealing the word "non" written on his chest, a show of opposition Thursday to the European Union constitution.

The man was unharmed after jumping several feet from the public gallery onto the Senate floor, officials at the upper house of parliament said. He was carried away, waving his fists, by security. He was wearing white sneakers and what appeared to be a G-string, but otherwise was naked.

Senate officials said he told police he was protesting the "dictatorship" of the "yes" camp in the heated campaign on the constitution, which will be voted on in a referendum on May 29.

The man's protest, shown live on parliamentary television, provoked scattered laughs in the Senate chamber, where senators were holding a regular question session with government officials.

Let's all strip for peace the environment breast cancer tofu bong hits fear of personal accountability and liberalized markets! Because when people have opinions differing from yours, it's, like, so oppressive, homme.


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