Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Dirtiest trick yet

GOP Complains About School Voting Over Alleged Ice Cream Bribe

LUFKIN, Texas -- Lufkin-area Republicans are complaining about voting by residents from the local state school for the mentally disabled.

The Lufkin Daily News reports the Angelina County GOP headquarters was told that Lufkin State School employees bribed students with ice cream.

And what does the Boss Tweed of Lufkin State School have to say in his defense?

But school administrator Randy Spence denies any wrongdoing. He says being a state school resident doesn't bar the resident from voting. The federally funded organization Advocacy Incorporated says Texans lose the right to vote only if a judge declares them mentally incompetent.

That's right - answer charges of coercion as if their right to vote had been challenged. Evidence continues to support the conclusion that screaming "discrimination" is a Democrat reflex to being caught red-handed.

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