Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Times, they are a-changin'

The New York Times revealed its sharply conservative slant yesterday when it unveiled TimesSelect, a bold new strategy to effectively restrict its op-ed readership to people with some sort of job. While the economic barrier is anticipated to help stem an embarassing tide of demogoguery from the Times' pages, reducing readership alone may not be sufficient. There is also speculation that the move may be integrated with a strategy by noted economist Paul Krugman to lead this member of a shrinking industry into greater revenues, using the same theory applied by enacting price controls and tax increases to move a nation out of recession.

With talking points now priced at $50 a year, bloggers can expect swelling hit rates as they become the choke point for free access to the opinions of such op-ed giants as Bob Herbert and Frank Rich. Olliver Willis may be laying prone in a euphoric stupor, uncognizant of the seeping dark region on his pants. NPR chairman Jon Schwartz could issue a statement some time this week calling on government to recognize its obligation to eliminate the impending "opinion defecit" by delivering an increase in responsible, taxpayer-sponsored indoctrination.

Media experts anticipate that the supply gap may be filled by the Washington Post's Tina Brown, and international media such as the Guardian, Le Monde, and al-Jazeera. Some hope that a Maureen Dowd journal may soon appear at Daily Kos to ease the transition. The full impact of this move may not be fully realized until late 2008.


Blogger andy said...

Yeah, well imagine my suprise when looking at my mail today was a piece of JUNK MAIL from The New York Times. Right there in MY mailbox. Guess who will be getting a piece of hate mail right back at them. And I didn't even have to buy a stamp as they included their own postage paid envelope! Speaking of shameless self promotion, Doug, how about your Maureen Dowd Picture Rolling Stone tag in the banner? Ha Ha. Get any hits from that?

11:07 PM  
Blogger Doug said...

I love the idea of using pre-paid junk return envelopes for anything but their intended purpose. Unfortunately, it's illegal, and I WOULD be the guy to get made an example of.

MoDo was still pulling in a lot of search hits a month or so ago, but the big sellers now seem to be image searches. The "John Kerry - Lord of the Dance" and "John Kerry - I Want To Believe" pics seem to be popular. When I'm writing in full swing again that'll probably change. As it is, I keep starting pieces, and they get to be old news before I finish.

I still want to see Kerry riverdancing on the floor of the senate. If I had a tape of that, I'd be like a rat on crack - I'd waste away replaying that thing over and over.

5:47 PM  

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