Sunday, October 10, 2004

It's a reflex

I think it's completely involuntary.

Working "Spin Alley" after the second Bush-Kerry face-off, Mrs. Clinton was asked how her husband was doing.

"He is doing very well. And part of the reason I think he is doing so well is because John Kerry has done so well," she told Fox News Channel's Chris Wallace.

"The first debate was a slam dunk-home run. The second debate tonight was another grand slam."

Somewhat taken aback, Wallace asked: "You're going to turn a question about your husband's health into spin?"

A flustered Clinton replied, "You know - I can't - ah, ah - I think that, ah - you asked me - because I think I would have worried if John hadn't done so well."

Apologies, Senator Bobblehead, but I had trouble making that out - did you just say that Chelsea was jogging around John Kerry on the morning of debate #2?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

andy says....

What the heck is a "slam dunk home run"?

I'm really suprised she said that anyway. I think she wants Kerry to get pasted. How else, Doug, is YOUR Senator going to run for president in 2008? She doesn't want to do it against an incumbent Kerry, does she?

9:02 PM  
Blogger Doug said...

What the heck is a "slam dunk home run"?

That's another way of saying "hatrick", isn't it? Or was it "field goal"... I forget.

2008 would be a better year for her, but I really don't think she'd mind having a go in 2012 either. Even if she did it as VP on someone else's ticket... even if she had to ride out two terms in that slot to take a shot at the top of the top of the ticket herself in 2016.

As much as she makes my skin crawl, I can't say that I get anything more than sophomoric giggles from the accusations that she's made a conscious effort to torpedo Kerry. I'd like to pin it on her, but I just don't think she has. She won't cry if Kerry gets dusted, however - as long as the votes tally close.

5:19 AM  

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