Saturday, March 04, 2006

We are such idiots

A visit to Jane's blog is always a worthwhile experience. It's unabashedly Yemenocentric, which isn't a bad thing, but outside of its influence in international Islamofascist terrorism, Yemen itself just doesn't hold much interest for me. What is interesting to me are the insights into the workings of the social institutions of a completely alien society, and every so often the discovery of an idea that's completely new and original to me. Your culture really does impose limits on the way you think, and you can learn some intriguing things if you just step outside the box now and then.

For example - we in the States have this hugely expensive multi-tiered penal system, so expansive that Eurotwink socialists like to point out that it holds more convicts than every other system in the history of the world combined, or some such dogma. But really, have we ever questioned the need for or nature of the penal system? They have in Yemen!

Yemeni authorities yesterday released 627 supporters of a rebel preacher held on charges of involvement in clashes with government forces which left hundreds dead in the north of the country.
“They were released after they had pledged not to return to their perverseness, and to be good citizens,” said the statement, carried by official media.

OMG, DUH! This is all we really needed to do -

Judge: "The state of New York finds you guilty of two counts of armed robbery, two counts of resisting arrest, three counts of jaywalking, six counts of kicking puppies, and one count of saying "nipple" on live TV. Will you return to perverseness?"

Convict: "No."

Judge: "Then you've paid your debt to society. Be a good citizen. This court is adjourned."

Write your congress critters. We can save state and federal governments OODLES of dosh, and maybe even get me a lifetime sinecure seat on the bench as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh come on Doug, Yemen is the MOST fascinating country on earth, Jane

5:38 PM  
Blogger Doug said...

Yemen's like a soap opera that I can only watch twice a week. I get the gist of the plotlines, but I have NO idea what's really going on. I like to tune in, but other shows interest me more.

I was going to try out Wizbang's standalone trackback pinger on this post, but then I thought maybe it's not the best introduction to your Yemeni and Yemen-friendly visitors...

7:00 PM  

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