Sunday, November 13, 2005

And again

An anonymous reader points out that it wasn't just the Veteran's Day post that I was late with. It's true; two weeks ago, I had a trade show to do, so I figured I had a valid excuse to skip it. Last week, I didn't really have an excuse, but figured that I could make something up in a pinch to rationalize my laziness if I had to. However, this would be the third week in a row, and although I've slipped in two ultra-brief posts this week, I do have to admit that the public cannot be denied. Three weeks without Friday Frickin' Cat Blogging is just too much to try to get away with, so without further ado here are some affable, fuzzy felines. Just revel in their puckish humor!

I've had an epic post brewing in my head regarding the terrorists insurgents rebels militants extremists combattants français de liberté (and you knew it, didn't you?). I'm not altogether certain just where it will wind up if written, as it ties together a number of threads and I'm still not decided just how they're all weighted. My computer time is limited these days, but if I can get it outlined, and it doesn't look like what you can read on any of dozens of other blogs, I'll try to get it up in the next few days. Before cat-time next week for sure.


Blogger andy said...

I'm back for the cats!

Also, noticed you are still using the "Maureen Dowd" come on. I don't know about you, but I was MOST pleased to see that her new, well, book, only sold about 10,000 copies...with numbers like that I'd think you are not getting many hits from using her popularity.

6:14 AM  
Blogger Doug said...

I'm doing so, so badly with the cat thing, sorry. Yeah, MoDo's still there, mostly because I just haven't bothered to take it down - but believe it or not, I do get LOTS of hits from that still. About 20%-30% of the scant traffic I still get (outside of blogger dashbar traffic) is search engine traffic looking for MoDo. Every now and then I get this bizarre rush of image search traffic too, looking for the photoshopped stuff I did prior to the election.

I hadn't heard the sales numbers, but now that I have - all I can say is HAW-HAW</Nelson>

4:37 PM  

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