Friday, October 14, 2005

Why do Bengal tigers look so psychotic?

OK, so I made it from Friday to Friday without writing a thing. I almost wrote a lengthy piece about the u.n.'s Working Group on Internet Governance (why such silence in the blogosphere on this? Wake the hell up!), and I nearly wrote a little bit about developments in the Oil For Fraud program's French connection (John F. Opie's got you covered), and very nearly chimed in with a quip or two about musical bluetooth boobs (Cracker Barrel Philosopher, who could really use an easier-to-type name, handled them here). Nevertheless, I considered writing several times, which is a step in the right direction, so I declare victory. Kinda.

Which brings us to - your weekly dose of soft n' cuddly, Friday Frickin' Cat Blogging week 2.

"Look cross-eyed, beotch - I want you to!"


Anonymous Gordon said...

Now this is Cat Blogging I can get into

8:34 PM  

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