Friday, October 07, 2005

The longest journey

So I've been jonesing to start blogging on at least a semi-regular basis for weeks now, but there's this thing called "life" that I need to deal with, which has these things called "bills" that I'm not paying, and I keep thinking that as long as that's the case, I really have no business frittering my time away blogging.

Or do I?

In the most recent few weeks, I've been thinking that maybe - just maybe - it would be ok to just blog a little bit now and then. You know, not spend an hour or two writing something epic, but just sort of jot some random vitriol every now and then. "Aha! Good plan!" says I, but there's this hitch - two-hour epics are what I keep wanting to write, and I usually lose the craving to post mini-rants long before I could have gotten to Blogger's "new post" button anyway.

What I'm lacking is discipline.

It seems I'm in an old, familiar space here. What I need to do -- what I KNOW I need to do -- is to just buckle down and start doing it. I'm out of the habit, and I just need to make myself pound on my keyboard on some sort of regular basis until it's routine again. From there on in, it'll be smooth sailing. Works every time.

Of course, this introduces a problem. I'm accustomed to writing about whatever's stuck in my craw, or whatever I think could use a bit more exposure, or whatever I somehow came to believe was clever in a drunken fog. None of that's really available on command, per se. What can I do to have blog fodder on some sort of routine basis? What's light and airy writing, but yet regular enough for the job, and not likely to lose my interest too quickly?

All in a rush, it hits me. The answer was right friggin there, already built into the blogosphere, just waiting for me to embrace it. And, you know... everybody's doing it. Right? Right?

Friday Frickin' Cat Blogging.

It's perfect. At least once a week, I just need to make myself post the most endearing photos of felines that I can find*, and I'll be back into the habit of publicly disemboweling whoever's got my dander up in no time. So here it is - Friday Frickin' Cat Blogging, week one.

* Of course, this is provided that I manage to be aware that it is in fact Friday, and remember that I have something that I'm supposed to do. There's a flaw in every plan, I suppose...


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