Friday, July 28, 2006

The Cornucopia of slurs

I remain confident that some day a denigrating comment will pop into the head of Howard Dean and just stay there for a change. Until then, he's mighty entertaining: Dean Calls Iraqi PM an 'Anti-Semite'

“The Iraqi prime minister is an anti-Semite,” the Democratic leader told a gathering of business leaders in Florida. “We don’t need to spend $200 and $300 and $500 billion bringing democracy to Iraq to turn it over to people who believe that Israel doesn’t have a right to defend itself and who refuse to condemn Hezbollah.”

Thanks to the Cranky Neocon of Six Meat Buffet for tipping me off to the fact that Dean's given me yet another excuse to shamelessly trot out this video.

I swear to God this will never get old for me.